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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Evolution of life

Khatija Khader I am basking in the glory of god! for s/he created viruses! :)

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Joseph Shinson Mathew: and hence natural selection, mutations, and least that's my persuasion of scientific theory that I subscribe to...God being the master of evolution and intelligent design:)

Khatija Khader: hahahahahahahahaha... so funny... god is surely the master of intelligent design...

Kasturi Chatterjee: ;

Saurav Sarmah: Life progresses through various species according to the desires and activities of each individual living entity. God creates these life-forms to support this process of spiritual evolution. All the living entities in this universe, whether demigods, humans, animals, plants or viruses, are directly under the control of the external energy of God, Mayadevi.

Why viruses? They are very simple living forms, just the genetic material covered by layer of protein. The human brain is a great wonder of God s creation. Only a human can use this gift of God to enquire into the Absolute truth. athato brahma jijnasa. It is this power of enquiry that enables us to act so independently. All other species are bound by acquired nature. Only human beings can learn, improve and change.

However, if we think deeply, we find that all the living entities, including human beings are subordinate to Mayadevi. The three modes of nature, under her direction, bind us and we are dragged from one species to another. It is under illusion that we think we can be independent. BG 3.27. This external energy of the Lord is very difficult to overcome. But one who surrenders unto God, for that person Mayadevi provides all help to escape this karmic cycle. BG 7.14.

Khatija Khader: wow... that was intense

Saurav Sarmah: Well! Get well soon. I pray to God to save you from viruses.

Khatija Khader: saurav thanks yaar... listen one of my teachers was apparently sick and his class was to be cancelled today that is why i was thanking viruses... but i do need to get well soon... too much to do... very little time... how are you

Saurav Sarmah: I am fine. :

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